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We use Tele-medicine to protect our patients from getting COVID-19

We use Tele-medicine to protect our patients from getting COVID-19

We use Tele-medicine to protect our patients from getting COVID-19We use Tele-medicine to protect our patients from getting COVID-19We use Tele-medicine to protect our patients from getting COVID-19
SARS CoV-2 Virus


CoronaVirus (COVID-19) is a highly contagious disease. A person can feel absolutely normal and possibly infect others for 2-10 days. The only way we could see patients in the office, even though they have no symptoms, would be if everyone in the waiting room donned a mask, were separated from other patients by 6 feet, and the staff donned personal protective equipment (PPE) which are scarce and hard to obtain at this time. You may see other practices that are staying opened but we feel that this does not consider the patient first. We feel that coming to the office at this time places the patient at more risk than if they stayed at home. Therefore, for the time being, we will take care of our patients in the safest manner possible by using E-Visits (also called Telehealth), which is the preferable way for us to evaluate and treat you. This requires that you have a computer at home for us to evaluate you. The second best way is to talk to you on the telephone. We will send in your prescriptions, order your labs and do our very best to accommodate you. Please call us at (352) 371-0301 to schedule your electronic visit or call, or for any questions you may have. The current CDC recommendations are to stay at home if you feel well, stay at home if you’re sick and isolating yourself from your family, and if you’re very sick, go to the closest emergency room. Please check CDC.com for the most current recommendations. We appreciate your patience.

Our Practice


Compassionate Personalized Healthcare

Alliance Family Physicians has been a well respected medical practice for over 20 years. Our medical team, under the leadership  of  Dr Bruce K. Branin, DO, is dedicated toward treating the Whole Person, not just a particular disease. Our mission is to provide you with personalized, high-quality care. We are dedicated to improving and maintaining your health through preventative care and the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. If your service is ever less that you think it should have been, please write a letter directly to Dr Branin. Customer service is extremely important to us.


Experienced Medical Professionals

Dr Branin is a Board Certified Family Physician and started      the practice almost two decades ago. He's joined by Mary    Kladde our nurse practitioner and our Certified Physician     Assistant, Rachel Cohen. Between the 3 of them they have just under 65 years of experience We offer a broad array of services geared towards addressing today’s common and uncommon illnesses and injuries. We know there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all cure, so we never use a one-size-fits-all approach to your diagnosis. 


A Personal Approach

Our goal is to improve and maintain your overall health and to empower you with an understanding of your condition and wellness plan. We continue to be a private practice unencumbered by being part of a large medical system where your individuality can be lost. We pride ourselves in personally knowing our patients and them knowing us. 

How We Can Help


Preventative Care

Preventative Care

Preventative Care

We offer a variety of preventative care services such as annual physical exams, vaccinations and immunizations, wellness exams, a complete medical weight loss program, falls assessment testing and  prevention, an allergy testing and treatment clinic and many more. We  

orient our medical care towards  the  prevention of chronic illnesses not just treating it once it occur. We additionally perform skin examinations and perform surgery to remove suspicious skin lesions.



Acute Symptoms

Preventative Care

Preventative Care

We offer diagnostics for many acute illnesses and symptoms such as ear infections, strep throat, flu, colds, and other illnesses and we will make sure you get seen the same day you call; for after all, the sooner you're treated the sooner you'll start feeling well again.  Patients shouldn't have to wait when they're feeling poorly.



Chronic Issues

Preventative Care

Chronic Issues

You can rely on us to care for all of your chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, heart and kidney disease, hormone replacement for females and males,depression and anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorders and many others. We treat all of our patients as individuals with individual needs. Our ultimate goal is to have you enjoy a healthy and long life.


Location and Map

We Would Appreciate The Opportunity To Care For Your Medical Needs



  • Arrive  30  Minutes  Prior  To  Your  Scheduled  Appointment 
  • Fill Out  And  Print All Three Forms Below And Bring  Them  With You . 
  • Bring Your  Medical  Insurance  Information 
  • Bring  In  Your  Driver’s  License  Or Other  Form  Of   Photo  ID.                                                                       

Without The  Above,  Your  Appointment  May Need  To Be  Changed.

Please call us for an appointment at (352) 371-0301

Alliance Family Physicians

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Any Unexpected Emergency Closures Are Announced On This Website. Please Check For Announcements Or Call Directly if You Have Any Questions Or Concerns


Please Fill Out All Forms Prior To Your First Visit



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